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Say hello to a Cloudless future – where our secure Aggregated Edge Network™ offers unparalleled data autonomy, technological performance and economic sustainability. Isn’t it time you joined the Constellation?

Cloud Vs Edge


Cost Saving


*initial investment over 5 years.

Server Utilization


*average customer boost 

Performance Increase


*on new Edge infrastructure

Expertise Overlap


*cloud vs edge req. expertise

Cost Saving


*initial investment over 5 years.

Server Utilization


*average customer boost 

Performance Increase


*on new Edge infrastructure

Expertise Overlap


*cloud vs edge req. expertise


A groundbreaking shift in decentralized computing.

A seismic shift in decentralized computing.

The constellation, a pioneering network that reimagines the future of decentralized computing. The Constellation has been engineered to offer unmatched security, efficiency, and scalability, addressing the complex

challenges of modern data management. Our network stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, empowering users with a network that is not only resilient but also economically efficient.

Explore the transformative potential of the Thissl Constellation, where cutting-edge technology meets practical business solutions in the digital world.

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Revolutionize Your Businesswith Thissls Edge Solutions

Revolutionizing Your Business with Thissls Edge Solutions

Welcome to the new era of Edgeonomics, where Thissl’s edge computing solutions offer a transformative leap from traditional cloud computing. Our edge-centric approach is designed to maximize business efficiency, security, and innovation. Here’s how Thissl’s edge technology offers unparalleled benefits over conventional cloud models:

Reduced Data Transit Costs

Edge computing processes data locally, cutting down costs associated with data transfer to and from cloud centers.

Lower Operational Expenses

Minimizing reliance on cloud services reduces operational expenses. Edge computing decreases costs for cloud storage and resources

Improved Processing Cost-Efficiency

Local data processing on the edge reduces extensive data movement, leading to more efficient resource use and cost reduction.

Latency Down, Productivity Up.

Faster data processing speeds of edge computing translate to increased productivity and quicker application response times.

Scalability and Flexibility

Edge computing offers scalable, flexible solutions that grow with business needs, providing cost-effective scaling compared to cloud.

Enhanced Security & Reduced Costs

Localized data processing on the edge enhances security and reduces potential costs associated with data breaches in cloud systems.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Edge computing allows businesses to optimize resource allocation, investing necessary areas without overspending on cloud services.

Compliance and Data Sovereignty

Adhering to data sovereignty and compliance regulations is simpler with edge computing, as data is processed and stored locally.

Reduced Dependency on Cloud

Moving to edge reduces dependency on third-party cloud providers, avoiding vendor lock-in and costs.

Real World Examples

The Aggregated Edge Network

Powering the Future with AdvancedStorage, Compute, and Communications

Empower your business with Thissl's advanced technology solutions. Our integrated approach to Storage, Compute, and Communications is designed to elevate your operations, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient data management.

Powering the Future

Empower your business with Thissl's advanced technology solutions. Our integrated approach to Storage, Compute, and Communications is designed to elevate your operations, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient data management.

Enhanced Efficiency and Security

Distributed Data Sharding

Thissl's network employs a unique data storage strategy where information is fragmented into smaller shards and distributed across the network. This method ensures efficient use of storage space and speeds up data retrieval.

Advanced Security

Both data shard and network pathways are individually encrypted, adding an extra layer of security. This approach protects data integrity and confidentiality, even if parts of the data are intercepted.

Improved Resilience

The distributed nature of data storage enhances system resilience, minimizing the impact of individual node failures.

Optimized Performance and Scalability

Localized Data Processing

Thissl’s architecture enables computing at the edge, eliminating the need for data to travel to a centralized server. This significantly lowers latency and accelerates actual real-time data processing.

Scalable Computing Resources

The aggregation method allows for dynamic distribution of computational tasks across the network, balancing loads and optimizing performance.

Application Versatility

The system is capable of supporting various applications, from simple data analysis to complex, real-time operations, ensuring consistent performance across diverse use cases.

Reliable and Efficient Data Transmission

Simultaneous Multicasting

Thissl’s innovative approach includes broadcasting data packets across multiple connectivity mediums simultaneously, enhancing network reliability and efficiency.

Reduced Bandwidth Bottlenecks

Optimized data transmission processes minimize bandwidth bottlenecks, addressing a common challenge in traditional edge computing models.

Seamless Integration

The aggregation method ensures smooth and secure communication across all network nodes, maintaining high performance as the network scales.

Aggregated Firewall Enhancement

Since each node has its own individual firewall, every added server to the Thissl network fortifies the overall firewall, significantly boosting network security and resilience against cyber threats.



Dive into the diverse range of solutions that Thissl offers, tailored to the unique needs of various sectors, ensuring robustness, security, and efficiency at every level.


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A future where the internet is secure, distributed and owned by its users.

Crafting a future where the internet is secure, distributed and owned by its users.

The cloud today is a colossus—a behemoth that has monopolized our data, dictating terms and holding our digital lives at ransom. It’s a world where a few giants have cornered the market, turning our data into their currency, and in turn, making us mere spectators in the digital realm we should command. At Thissl, we’re tearing down the walls of Big Data.

We see a future where the cloud dissolves into a network as vast and free as the internet itself, with data ownership dispersed among its rightful owners—you, the users. We’re not just talking about data control; we’re talking about data dignity—where your personal and organizational data are not pawns in the hands of the few but the protected property of the many.



What is Thissl?

Thissl is a new way to power the internet. Instead of relying on big companies to hold and manage our online data (like photos, documents, and messages), Thissl allows many smaller computers to work together, creating a shared space where everyone can securely store and access their data.

Why distributed?

Picture a jigsaw puzzle. Instead of one piece having the entire image, each piece has a small part of the picture. In the online world, decentralization means spreading data across many computers. In Thissl’s model, all the computers aggregate (work together, as one). This makes the whole system stronger because if one computer has a problem, the rest can still work perfectly. Plus, it gives more control to individual users, rather than a single big company having all the power.

Evaporating the Cloud:

Right now, many of us store our online stuff in "clouds" managed by big companies. The “cloud” for most is a nebulous term that most don’t understand. These companies decide how much to charge us, and it’s largely inflated. Thissl aims to change that. By letting everyone connect their own computers to form what we call the Thissl Constellation, we can reduce costs. Imagine going from renting a space to owning a part of it and having a say in how things work.

Maximizing Technology:

Thissl can take advantage of old technology infrastructure, such as computers and servers, and give them a new life powering modern internet applications.

Empowerment: Data Autonomy-control your data (better control than cloud)

Thissl isn't just about technology; it's about giving power back to the people. By being a part of Thissl's network, users and contributors get a say in how things work and even earns rewards for their contributions. It's like joining a community where everyone benefits from helping and supporting each other. (Adjust) Focus on Data Autonomy




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