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Edge-First Efficiency:

With Thissl, data doesn't journey to distant datacenters. Instead, our edge-first approach processes vast amounts of data closer to users, ensuring lightning-fast, secure, and efficient interactions in the digital realm.

Unparalleled Security:

Dive into a digital world where security isn't an afterthought. Thissl's multi-layered encryption, sharding, and decentralized architecture ensure that your data is not just encrypted, but also fragmented and distributed, making unauthorized access nearly impossible.

Web3 Ready Infrastructure:

As the world embraces Web3, Thissl stands at the forefront with infrastructure designed for the decentralized internet of tomorrow. Our system is built to support and house Web3 technologies in a distributed manner, ensuring that the core values of Web3 are truly realized.

Decentralizing Tomorrow's Internet

Thissl is revolutionizing the digital landscape with its decentralized approach, moving away from traditional data centers to edge computing. By employing unique data sharding and multi-layered encryption, Thissl ensures swift, secure, and efficient data processing. Seamlessly integrated with Web3, Thissl stands as the vanguard of the next internet era, promising both individuals and businesses a transformative online experience.


Asteroid: Compact Powerhouse - Dive into the digital realm with "Asteroid", Thissl's entry-level offering that packs a punch. Driven by the Intel Core i3 10100F processor, this setup promises swift computations and seamless multitasking. Accompanied by 16GB of Crucial DDR4 RAM and a spacious 2TB 2.5-inch SSD, Asteroid ensures smooth operations and ample storage, making it an ideal choice for individuals and budding enterprises looking for top-tier performance without breaking the bank.

Intel Core i3 10100F / 3.6 GHz

2 x Crucial 8GB PC4-25600 3200MHz DDR4

2TB 2.5inch 7mm SSD


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Comet: The Balanced Behemoth - Step up your game with "Comet", Thissl's mid-tier marvel that strikes the perfect balance between power and price. At its core is the Intel Core i5-13500 processor with 14 P+E cores, ensuring rapid processing and multitasking capabilities. With 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a combination of 1.92TB and 3.84TB Micron 5400 PRO Series SSDs, Comet offers a blend of speed and storage that's hard to beat. Whether you're a growing business or a tech enthusiast, Comet is designed to propel you into the future.

Intel Core i5-13500 – 14 P+E Cores
– 1.80 GHz Base, 4.80 GHz Max Turbo

2 x 16GB PC4-25600 3200MHz DDR4

1.92TB Micron 5400 PRO Series 2.5″
SATA 6.0Gb/s Solid State Drive


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Terra: The Ultimate Digital Titan - For those who accept nothing but the best, meet "Terra", Thissl's premium offering that redefines computing excellence. Housed in a 2U chassis with 12x 3.5" hot-swap SAS/SATA, Terra is powered by the Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y Processor and a whopping 128GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM. Storage is unparalleled with multiple SSDs, including Sam SATA, Kioxia XG8 M.2 PCIe, and 12x 3.84TB Solidigm SSDs. With the Broadcom HBA 9500-8i SAS3/SATA/NVMe 8-Port Tri-Mode Host Bus Adapter and Dual Intel 10-Gigabit Ethernet, connectivity and data transfer are lightning-fast. Terra is not just a product; it's a statement, an investment in unparalleled performance and future-ready technology.

Intel Core i3 10100F / 3.6 GHz

2 x Crucial 8GB PC4-25600 3200MHz DDR4

2TB 2.5inch 7mm SSD

Broadcom HBA 9500-8i SAS3/SATA/NVMe
8-Port Tri-Mode Host Bus Adapter – PCIe 4.0
x8 Dual Intel 10-Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)


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Network Layers & Accessibility:

Decentralized Nodes: Thissl’s infrastructure is built on groups of nodes responsible for different data, with secondary groups ensuring redundancy.

  • Two-Layer System:
    • Onramp Layer: This is the entry point for basic network access and initialization, integrating with systems and managing ground-level traffic.
    • Secondary Layer: Houses robust encryption and node authentication, ensuring both accessibility and security.


& Encryption

Threefold Security Standards:

  1. Encryption and technical security.
  2. Incapacity for data exposure.
  3. Repercussions for bad

Rotating Encryptions: Data is secured using rotating encryptions at all network levels, combined with crypto economics, BSD security & encryption, and data sharding.

Firewall System: Built on top of the OS, it allows fully redundant, encrypted transport layers within the network of nodes. Every node has an instance of this firewall, working in unison to protect the network.

Storage and Data Management

  • Sharding: Data is divided into fragments, distributed across the network. This ensures efficient redundancy, swift transportation, and increased security. No single node holds 100% of the shards for a file.
  • Decentralized Storage: Files are stored in a cross-replication pattern across nodes, ensuring data is always available and secure.
  • Layer2 Processing: All data requests are processed entirely in layer2, providing efficient and powerful data processing.

Discover the Power of Thissl;
Where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled functionality. Our platform is meticulously crafted to offer a suite of features that not only redefine the digital landscape but also empower users with tangible benefits. From robust security measures to efficient data management, Thissl is the embodiment of the next generation of the internet. Explore the standout features that make Thissl a game-changer.

Decentralized Nodes & Network Layers:

Boundless Connectivity

Thissl’s decentralized nodes ensure data is always accessible. Our two-layer system offers basic network access while fortifying with top-tier encryption, delivering a seamless and secure experience.

& Encryption:

Digital Fortification

Thissl prioritizes your data’s safety. With multi-layered security and rotating encryptions, we ensure your information remains shielded from potential threats.


Swift & Secure Data Management

Thissl employs data sharding, fragmenting data across the network for faster retrieval and enhanced security. No single node holds all the pieces, ensuring both speed and safety.


Peak Efficiency

Experience rapid data processing with Thissl’s Layer2 capabilities. Every transaction is processed swiftly, ensuring you stay ahead in the digital age.

Decentralized - Encryption - Edge Computing - Data Sharding - Web3 Integration - Layer2 Processing - Security - Reliability - Decentralized - Encryption - Edge Computing - Data Sharding - Web3 Integration - Layer2 Processing - Security - Reliability -

Frequent Questions

Thissl is a pioneering platform that offers a decentralized internet infrastructure, moving away from centralized data centers. By harnessing edge computing, data sharding, and advanced security measures, Thissl provides a faster, more secure, and efficient digital experience compared to traditional setups.

Thissl employs multi-layered security standards, rotating encryptions at every network level, and a unique firewall system built atop the OS. This robust framework ensures that your data remains shielded from potential threats and breaches.

Absolutely. Thissl is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of systems and applications. Our dedicated support team can guide you through the integration process to ensure a smooth transition.

Thissl offers comprehensive support throughout your journey. From initial setup to post-implementation queries, our team is available to assist. Additionally, you can schedule callbacks or use our chat feature for real-time assistance. Our AI is also available to provide instant insights on our whitepaper and offerings.

Thissl’s decentralized edge computing solution, combined with data sharding, ensures swift data retrieval and processing. As a result, users typically experience significant improvements in website load times and overall digital performance.

"Thissl isn't just a product; it's a paradigm shift. We're ushering in an era where the internet is for everyone, everywhere, without the constraints of centralized systems."

- Jonathan Adam, Founder & CTO

Join the Web3 Revolution.

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