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Dive into the diverse range of solutions that Thissl offers, tailored to the unique needs of various sectors, ensuring robustness, security, and efficiency at every level. 


 Innovative Edge Computing Solutions

Thissl offers MSPs innovative edge computing solutions that can be integrated into their existing service portfolios, enhancing their offerings with cutting-edge technology.

Address Client Needs

By reselling Thissl machines and services, MSPs can address their clients' need for cost-effective and efficient cloud alternatives, potentially increasing their revenue streams.

Provide Differentiated Services

Thissl's technology could enable MSPs to provide differentiated services, such as lower latency data processing and more secure local data storage options.


Businesses Using Cloud Services

Optimize Infrastructure

Businesses currently spending significantly on cloud services can leverage Thissl's edge computing solutions to optimize their infrastructure, potentially reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Scalable and Flexible

Thissl can offer a scalable and flexible alternative or complement to traditional cloud services, tailored to businesses' specific operational needs.

Enhanced Data Processing

Thissl's technology could enable MSPs to provide differentiated services, such as lower latency data processing and more secure local data storage options.

Software App Business:

Support Growth

Thissl provides a scalable and flexible infrastructure that supports the growth of software companies, particularly beneficial for those expanding rapidly and seeking alternatives to cloud dependency.

Enhanced Control

The decentralized nature of Thissl's edge computing solutions can offer these companies enhanced control over their data and applications, with potentially lower latency and higher efficiency.

More Agile Development

Thissl's solutions could facilitate more agile development and deployment environments for these companies, fostering innovation and competitive advantage.

Strategic Partner

Drive Tech Adoption

For entities with significant market influence, partnering with Thissl can be a strategic move to drive technology adoption in various sectors.

Offer Advanced Tech Capabilties

Thissl’s cutting-edge solutions could enable these partners to introduce advanced technological capabilities in sectors like government, healthcare, and education, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing service delivery.

Foster Long Term Relationships

Such partnerships can position Thissl as a key player in strategic technological transformations, fostering long-term relationships and collaborations.


Access The Latest Edge Tech

Thissl can engage with developer communities, tech integration firms, and educational tech students by providing access to the latest edge computing technology for development and integration.

Opportunities For Growth

Collaborating with Thissl could offer these communities opportunities for growth, learning, and networking, keeping them at the forefront of technological advancements.

Professional Development

For recruitment firms specializing in tech placements, Thissl’s technology and ecosystem present a rich ground for professional development and talent acquisition.




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