Enterprise Kansas City (EKC)

Objective: To build a decentralized network infrastructure for the entire state of Kansas, ensuring more robust security, faster connectivity, and cost savings.

Situation: eKC, representing Kansas’s digital infrastructure interests, faced challenges with their current centralized data storage system. The risks included single points of failure, potential security breaches, increasing costs, and latency issues due to far-off data centers.

Solution: By integrating Thissl’s decentralized solutions, data was stored and processed closer to its point of origin. This not only led to faster access times but also reduced the risk of system-wide failures or breaches.


    • Enhanced Connectivity: With data processes happening closer to the user, Kansas residentsexperienced quicker internet speeds and reduced latency.
    • Cost Savings: eKC saved on costs associated with maintaining centralized data centers.
    • Improved Security: With data distributed, the risk of a single breach having widespread implications was minimized. Additionally, local storage meant more control and adherence to state-specific data regulations.
    • State-wide Expansion: The success in initial regions led to a plan for a state-wide rollout of the Thissl infrastructure, aiming to bring the benefits to every Kansas resident.