Finley Engineering

  1. Objective: To offer consumers a faster, more secure internet connection without major infrastructure overhauls.Situation: SwiftNet, a growing ISP, was struggling to manage the increasing demand for bandwidth and reduce latency for their consumers, especially during peak times. They also needed new forms of revenue as their raising infrastructure costs bloated their operational budgets.

    Solution: Thissl’s decentralized system was integrated, distributing the load and processing data closer to the consumer, effectively reducing strain on central servers during high-demand periods.


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  • Superior Service: Consumers experienced faster browsing speeds, reduced lag during streaming, and overall improved internet experience.
  • Increased Customer Base: Positive feedback and word-of-mouth led to a growth in SwiftNet’s customer base.
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs: SwiftNet could meet demand without excessive investment in expanding their centralized infrastructure.
  • New Value Ads and Revenue Sources: Swiftnet could now sell datacenter type services, by passing cloud and keeping that revenue for themselves.