Ethereum Validator Venture

    1. Objective: Alex, a Web3 enthusiast, wishes to set up an Ethereum validator. He seeks a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient infrastructure to run it.

      Situation: Choosing the right platform for hosting an Ethereum validator is crucial. Traditional cloud services, while flexible and scalable, can come with significant costs. AWS, a leading cloud service provider, is a viable option but can be expensive in the long run, especially when considering on-demand costs.

      Thissl’s Proposition:

• Hardware and Operational Costs: With Thissl’s decentralized infrastructure, the monthly cost,

when considering amortized hardware and operational expenses, is approximately $152.34.

    • Storage: $26.45/TB/month
    • RAM: $4.76/GB/month
    • If seeking a 30% profit margin:
      • Storage Price: $34.39/TB/month
      • RAM Price: $6.19/GB/month

        AWS’s Proposition:

    • Compute (EC2): A t3.2xlarge instance with 8 vCPU and 32 GB RAM costs around $239.22/month.
    • Storage (S3): For 5.76TB of storage, the cost would be about $132.48/month.
    • Total AWS Monthly Cost: $371.70


    • Using Thissl’s infrastructure, Alex can run his Ethereum validator at approximately $152.34/month**Need to consider a Thissl profit margin here**
    • In contrast, using AWS’s services, Alex would incur a cost of $371.70/month, which is over double the cost of Thissl’s offering.


  • Cost-Effective Solution: Alex realizes a significant reduction in operational costs by choosing

    Thissl over traditional cloud platforms.

  • Profitability: The reduced costs mean Alex can achieve profitability quicker, providing more resources for further investment in the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Data Autonomy: With Thissl, Alex can maintain better control over his data, aligning with the core principles of decentralization in the Web3 space.

    By opting for Thissl’s decentralized infrastructure, Alex not only ensures a cost-effective approach to his Ethereum validator venture but also stays true to the principles of decentralization and data autonomy, vital in the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.