Secure, AggregatedEdge Networks

Clear skies ahead with the cloudless internet – an aggregated Edge Network owned and shaped by its users.


Crafting a future where the internet is secure, distributed and owned by its users.

The cloud today is a colossus—a behemoth that has monopolized our data, dictating terms and holding our digital lives at ransom. It’s a world where a few giants have cornered the market, turning our data into their currency, and in turn, making us mere spectators in the digital realm we should command. At Thissl, we’re tearing down the walls of Big Data.

We see a future where the cloud dissolves into a network as vast and free as the internet itself, with data ownership dispersed among its rightful owners—you, the users. We’re not just talking about data control; we’re talking about data dignity—where your personal and organizational data are not pawns in the hands of the few but the protected property of the many.


The Need for a Distributed Network

Our reliance on centralized systems has become both a boon and a bane. While they have revolutionized how we connect and interact, they have also introduced significant vulnerabilities and ethical concerns:

1. Financial and Security Concerns:

Centralized data storage hubs, predominantly managed by major cloud corporations, have allowed these entities to set market prices, often leading to inflated costs for users and businesses. Beyond the financial burden, these centralized repositories act as magnets for malicious entities.

2. Data Monopolization and Exploitation:

The centralization of the digital realm has enabled a few corporations to monopolize massive volumes of global data. They dictate access, pricing, and usage terms. Consequently, users frequently become the unwitting product, with their data utilized for profit without genuine consent or transparency.

3. Lack of Transparency and Control:

In centralized systems, users often navigate in the dark. It becomes an arduous task to pinpoint where one's data resides, who accesses it, and its exact utility. This opacity sows seeds of mistrust and heightens concerns over data autonomy.

4. Inefficiencies and Latency:

Centralized architectures entail data traveling extensive distances between the user and central data repositories. This back-and-forth leads to latency, hampering real-time processing and diluting user experience. It also is the most profitable “toll fee” for big cloud data.


Thissl's Fresh Alternative

Thissl offers a groundbreaking approach to these challenges via true distributed decentralization:

Enhanced Security and Cost Efficiency:

By distributing data across a decentralized network, the attractive targets for cyberattacks diminish. Not only does this enhance data security, but the decentralized nature also offers a more competitive and user-centric pricing model, devoid of the inflated costs associated with big cloud corporations.

Resilience and Uptime:

The decentralized model eradicates single points of failure. Even if some network segments experience disruptions, the larger system stays functional, promising consistent service and native redundancy. This is the product of a true edge solution, or in Thissl’s case, our Aggregated Edge NetworkTM.

Reduced Latency:

Data processing nearer to its origin results in swifter response times, enabling real-time processing and an enriched user experience. This also completely eliminates the “toll fees” Cloud Companies enjoy so much. All of our data is served in Layer2, so imagine a system that operates as though all its information is saved locally...because it is.

User Empowerment:

At Thissl's core lies the principle of data autonomy. Users maintain data ownership and control, ensuring the primary beneficiaries of their information are themselves.

Transparency and Trust:

With a clear view of data handling and storage, users regain confidence and trust in the digital framework. There no such thing as Hot and Cold storage with Thissl. Storage is just storage.

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    A simplified way of understanding how Thissl can empower your business decisions

    What is Thissl?

    Thissl is a new way to power the internet. Instead of relying on big companies to hold and manage our online data (like photos, documents, and messages), Thissl allows many smaller computers to work together, creating a shared space where everyone can securely store and access their data.

    Why distributed?

    Picture a jigsaw puzzle. Instead of one piece having the entire image, each piece has a small part of the picture. In the online world, decentralization means spreading data across many computers. In Thissl’s model, all the computers aggregate (work together, as one). This makes the whole system stronger because if one computer has a problem, the rest can still work perfectly. Plus, it gives more control to individual users, rather than a single big company having all the power.

    Evaporating the Cloud:

    Right now, many of us store our online stuff in "clouds" managed by big companies. The “cloud” for most is a nebulous term that most don’t understand. These companies decide how much to charge us, and it’s largely inflated. Thissl aims to change that. By letting everyone connect their own computers to form what we call the Thissl Constellation, we can reduce costs. Imagine going from renting a space to owning a part of it and having a say in how things work.

    Maximizing Technology:

    Thissl can take advantage of old technology infrastructure, such as computers and servers, and give them a new life powering modern internet applications.

    Empowerment: Data Autonomy-control your data (better control than cloud)

    Thissl isn't just about technology; it's about giving power back to the people. By being a part of Thissl's network, users and contributors get a say in how things work and even earns rewards for their contributions. It's like joining a community where everyone benefits from helping and supporting each other. (Adjust) Focus on Data Autonomy


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